Ottawa Rinks Widget

Are you a community association looking to share the status of your rink on your association website? Maybe you are a business nearby a rink? We have developed a widget that can be added to any website by adding a simple image tag where you want the widget to appear!

Step 1: Find out what rink you would like to feature in your widget. Once you know the rink you'd like to use you'll have to get the rink's slug (URL safe name), see your address bar once on a rink information page. IE. The slug is in bold in the following example:

Step 2: Once you know your slug, insert the following code into your website wherever you would like the image to appear. Make sure you replace the slug in the demo with the correct slug.

Copy the widget code below:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

Et voila! You now have a pretty awesome image that links right to the most recent condition saved on Ottawa Rinks.

(if the image below above is broken, you have not entered a correct rink name)